prinzgalaxy 135mm f3.5




a review

displaying its characteristic yellow hue



T2 mount with a T-PK adapter


price: $10 SGD (purchased from the United Kingdom)
mount: T2 (requires T-PK adaptor)
build: full metal, weighs approx 200g
aperature: f 3.5 max, 10 aperature blades
manual lens



prinz galaxy and the prinz family are rebadged japanese-made lenses
distributed by an English camera chain "Dixon". such lenses were made cheaply
in Japan at a peroid where the Japanese still made affordable items. These templates were shipped
abroad to be rebranded.

the prinz series of lenses are mostly budget lenses and are widely known for their poor
performance amongst photographers

this lens is peculiar for its dark yellow hue, the apeature turns smoothly without designated stops














image sharpness takes a huge toll at large aperatures, but becomes crisp at f8 and beyond




image quality is decent with average contrast. bokeh appears mundane but beyond expectation.

the lens itself measures 10cm in length and feels very solid and sturdy


in conclusion: this is a fairly decent lens performing beyond its price. the draw-back could be its T2 mount, which requires a
seperate adapter for pentax cameras.


all photos above are not subject to software editing. takened by pentax k-x

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