Pentax Q

24-26 May 2013




Q is the world's smallest and lightest interchangeable-lens system built by Pentax in 2011.
It employs a sensor only 6.17x4.55mm in size. This gives all mounted lenses an effective 5.6x crop factor.
This is a small review on this mini mirrorless camera.

reid lim






All Qs come with the 01, which is an effective 47.6mm/1.9 lens






The Q has an interesting pop-up flash.


There is only Live View. No viewfinders (internal or external) are available.







photos by pentax Q with 01 standard lens:

none of the photos were edited digitally except for simple resizing


iso-125 f1.9 1/250


iso-125 f1.9 at 1/5000


iso-125 f1.9 at 1/320


iso-125 f5 at 1/60


iso-125 f1.9 1/250


iso-125 f3.5 1/320


iso-125 f1.9 1/5000


iso-125 f5.6 1/160

elderly lady above at 100% crop


iso-3200 f1.9 at 1/60


iso-125 f1.9 at 1/100


iso-2500 f1.9 at 1/320


iso-125 f1.9 at 1/160


iso-125 f1.9 at 1/160






A camera with a sensor this miniscule has exceeded my expectations on all levels. Ergonomically,
the pentax Q is a joy to handle. It is extremely light (250g) and small sized (slightly bigger than a
credit card) which makes it a fun camera to pocket. The buttons are all well displayed and those
who have experience with any Pentax DSLR will find the menu and navigation familiar.

For a tiny sensor, the Q delivers 12.4 megapxiels of raw images with relatively good iso performance.
Images are sharp and focus is fast and accurate. The only complaint I have is that colours could
be a little more contrasty.

The Q is definitely not just a toy camera.



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